Tuesday, 26 June 2007

More Pretty Wallpapers

It’s time for more wallpaper!

Last month I write about some collections of pretty nature wallpapers, the collections that I take from socksoff.co.uk, and also I put some files to download.

I don’t know how many people have been downloading the files and whether anybody like it, because you know what, it’s seems there is no response yet.

Anyway, yesterday I found through statistic that someone going to that page by searching for keyword ‘macro wallpapers’. Hmm, I think that’s enough to tell me that at least–there are someone care, so I decide to write more. Yup, here’s more wallpapers:

Macro wallpapers

The first collection is the collection of macro photograph by Michael Swanson. The photographs is kinda weird, most of the object is just the thing like leaf, flower, tree branch, etc :p. But the result is beautiful:

Mswanson wide wallpaper

Mswanson Macro Wallpapers

FYI Mr. Swanson works for Microsoft and you know what, some of his photograph is included as official wallpaper in Windows Vista. Can find it? Yeah, that banana leaf wallpaper (see, in the bottom left corner).

The wallpapers is available at 1920 x 1200 (16:10 aspect ratio, “widescreen”) and 1600 x 1200 (4:3 aspect ratio, “standard”). You can download it right here.

Landscape wallpapers

Another collections is from Hamad Darwish. Hamad is–as he said–just an amateur photographer) that found his fame after two of his photograph is used as official wallpapers in Windows vista. Microsoft found him through flickr :p

Hamad Darwish

Hamad Darwish Landscape Wallpaper

Actually there are more wallpapers from him, you can download it from his website or through his flickr page.

Pretty, isn’t it?

I think we should agree that what I mean by pretty wallpaper here is not the wallpaper of girls with sometimes provocative pose :p. If you put that kind of pic on your desktop, I’m doubt that you’ll get your job done.

In case you want to try it, the wallpapers are in high resolution (1600 x 1200 or more) so I’m sure they will look nice in your hi-res monitor.

PS: I know, my english is bad. :p

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